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"PNW Revival Fire"


Story of Called to Inspire

The Called to Inspire Online Store originated from the Called to Inspire Blog that launched in 2016.


As the founder, Victoria Alexandra designated Called to Inspire as a creative space to read unique blogs on topics of the culture and influence with a redemptive perspective. 


The Called to Inspire Brand is all about inviting heaven into the culture, subtly reaching every area of influence.


The 7 mountains of influence play an important role in the brand-to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth by walking in authority on the front lines of culture. 


You carry more influence than you know. Use it wisely. 


Shop the Called to Inspire Merch. The products include a series of designs such as: PNW Revival FirePortland Vibes, Subtle Culture, and Influence.


These products invite customers to wear their “uniqueness” with confidence,  walk in boldness, and authority.


The Called to Inspire Store designs include minimalist styles with a touch of color. 

If you would like to partner as an influencer on any Called to Inspire Merch, fill out the contact form in the contact page or DM on Instagram @called_to_inspire.


Tag us on Instagram and hastag #calledtoinspire.  If you have any questions on shipping orders, contact through email- info@calledtoinspire.net

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