Victoria Alexandra is a Pacific Northwest blogger with intentions of releasing truth, redefining cultural language,and bringing a redemptive perspective back into the culture. 

Hi, I’m Victoria, the founder of Called to Inspire. I'm a communicator, writer, & networker. 


The Called to Inspire blog and online store uniquely captures the “kingdom” in the culture.


Designing an online store with my personal blog- Called to Inspire, has given me a creative platform to voice what it looks like to boldly wear your personality and influence your culture. 


I've taken the concept of the 7 mountains of influence and creatively illustrated what it looks like to show up on the front lines of culture through my blogs and my Called to Inspire merch.

(Check out my blogs to read more about these 7 mountains of influence )


Be bold & wear your uniqueness. We are all called to inspire and influence the culture. 

- Victoria Alexandra