Victoria Alexandra is a Pacific Northwest blogger with intentions of releasing truth, redefining cultural language,and bringing a redemptive perspective back into the culture. 

Hi, I’m Victoria!

I'm a communicator, marketer, and gatherer. 


In my free time, I enjoy planning events, thrift shopping, writing, drinking coffee, tapping into creative projects, and I’m big fan of community gatherings.

My heart is for the culture to know and experience the wild freedom we are given as sons + daughters of God. 

The vision of "Called to Inspire" came from Isaiah 60. Isaiah 60 begins with… “Arise, shine, for you light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you…”


I've taken the 7 mountains of influence- media, government, family, religion, arts & entertainment, education, and business and creatively illustrated what it looks like to show up on the front lines of culture. 


I've shared these 7 mountains of influence through my writing, photography, and by introducing you to those who are advancing the kingdom of God in the culture today. 


We are called to align the culture of earth with heaven's culture.


The purpose of my writing is to glorify God + inform believers on how we are called to be influencers/ministers in the everyday.

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