Life Coaching with Called to Inspire 

Victoria Kent, the founder of Called to Inspire is a life coach and entrepreneur located in the Pacific Northwest inspiring, empowering, and engaging those seeking to develop in their areas of influence and confidently walk in their authority and purpose.


As Victoria moved to the west coast in 2018, her heart has grown to see kingdom leaders walking in confidence and authority bringing heavenly strategies and blueprints to every mountain of influence. Victoria loves to create a space and a culture through collaborating with other leaders through educational events and workshops. 

Victoria believes that we are all called to inspire and influence the culture. She works with her clients to discover their calling, as she also creates unique personalized goals and an individualized development plan that aligns with the client’s vision and goals, equipping her clients to walk in greater confidence in the client’s area of influence to transform the culture with their unique gifts, talents, and decisions with a powerful and lasting impact.

Victoria received her M.A. in Human Services with a concentration in Life Coaching and her B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Journalism both at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. 


What to Expect During the In-person or Virtual Individual Coaching Sessions:

Victoria’s role and values as a life coach is to:


  • Encourage you in your personal dreams and goals and partner with you to strive towards what you were created to do

  • Help you create a timeline for your goals – measure each goal

  • Give you tools to better understand your personality and how you are wired to see your strengths/weaknesses to find the best ways to accomplish your goals

  • Create mini goals with you that leads up to the main/end goal

  • Provide worksheets and curriculum for you to create a foundation for goal setting and time management

  • Keep you accountable throughout the whole process

  • Direct you to resources/other professionals who will also help you reach your full potential in your goals that line up with your vision

  • Work with you to create a foundational set of goals that will set you up for success and allow you to lead yourself with confidence

The Goal: To Equip You to Lead Yourself With Confidence

We will explore the client's personality/wiring, skills, past work history, passions, career, awareness of self, leadership skills, time management, personal calling and, specific client goals. From there we will create measurable and specific goals based off of our first session together.

Victoria will partner with you to create an individualized development plan (IDP) and smart goals from your personal goals, mission, vision, identify key obstacles holding you back from reaching your goals, and discover the why behind your goals that will be designed to establish a lifestyle of consistency and success. 

The coaching packages will depend on your personal goals and progress: 

  • Free 30 minute Initial Consultation 

  • Introductory package (4 sessions) 

  • Bronze package (8 sessions)

  • Silver package (12 sessions)

  • Gold package (24 sessions) 

For more information on coaching services, email us at or fill out the form below to receive more information on your FREE 30 minute consultation. 

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