21 simple lessons by 21

As a 21 year old about to graduate college in 2 months, there are moments where I still feel like I am too young and don’t know anything. 

Yet, though surrounding myself with wisdom, leaders, and mentors has taught me so much- to embrace my youth and to also be okay with not knowing everything. I have found that being young and teachable is the best place to be. 1. Sonship is our identity. Just be a son. Just be a daughter. Who are we when the labels and the pressures of performance are removed? Living as children of God is our true identity. All other identity labels will eventually fade. 

2. When you are in Christ, you are not just partially free, but completely free. 

3. Embrace your youth. You are placed in the right position and place at the right time. Embrace the process of not knowing everything. It is good to be inexperienced. Let wisdom surround you. 

4. Education is important but never let it define you or you will find yourself having to unlearn. 

5. Be teachable. Growth comes from a teachable spirit. 

6. Feelings don’t always cut it. The soul will always try to override the spirit but as new creations, we are to be driven by our spirit not our soul. 

7. There is power in declaring truth out loud. We are given authority to speak to our spirit man and call our soul back into alignment with God’s truth when our emotions and other voices speak another word. 

8. Be an atmosphere shifter. Don’t allow the atmosphere to affect your soul negatively. This means walking in authority in Christ and believing that when a heavy atmosphere hits, that Jesus holds more power than the darkness surrounding. 

9. Change will happen. You will not be the same person in six months and that is okay. You will not always have the same mindset, relationships, and point of view as you are being renewed each day. 

10. Abide. When we abide in Jesus, we will naturally produce fruit. 

11. You cannot earn the Father’s love. His love you for is set and unchanging. 

12. Say no to fear. Life is too short to allow fear to paralyze. We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. 

13. Our weakness is His strength. Your fear and weakness may actually have weight behind it. It might just be your calling in disguise. 

14. The pressure’s off. 

15. Give yourself grace. 

16. Say goodbye to striving. All good gifts follow with having intimacy with the Father. 

17. Rest is worship.

18. Community. It is hard to thrive and survive without community. 

19. The same power that rose Jesus from the dead, lives inside of those who believe in him. There is resurrection power in our veins. 

20. Never underestimate the power of Jesus. 

21. Speak. Share your heart. We need to hear what’s inside of you. Your voice. Your sound. Your song was divinely place in your heart to be released all throughout the earth. There we have it. I hope these lessons gave you insight and a new perspective!  

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