Let Out Your Roar.

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where your voice was drowned out, misunderstood, or your opinion seemed to fall in between the cracks?

Well, I believe that every moment, the good and the bad will eventually in the end create a depth, carry more weight, and authority when you release the roar inside of you we’ve all been waiting for.

Nothing is wasted.

Your voice will be heard.

You are seen.

Freedom is here.

Freedom comes when faults, failures, and weaknesses are embraced and surrendered to God as He supernaturally raises our brokenness up from the dead!

Anxiety and fear crippled me in the past as I believed the lies that my voice wasn’t important, driving me to shrink back.

That could have been the end for me- stuck in anxiety and fear the rest of my life.

Yet, with God's power, I have conquered the very thing that paralyzed me - fear itself and I now intentionally walk in dark places and release the name and power of Jesus.

There is a devil out there prowling around trying everything he can to keep us from finding our true identity and our calling.

The weight holding you down is not from God.

The devil twists the truth creating lies to contradict the very thing God has designed for his children to do.

What lie is keeping you from freedom?

That can be redeemed.

Jesus’ blood covered it all.





Nothing surprises God.

He restores all things.

Our weakness may actually be connected to our calling.

It is in God’s original plan for you to experience the fullness of freedom and for you to be 100% you.

The chains have already been broken by the cross.

Now it’s your choice to walk in that freedom.

If you have been set free, let out your roar so others can experience supernatural freedom.

Post inspired from Isaiah 52:1-12

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