Kanye West Has Lost His Taste for the World

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

This week, Kanye brought the gospel of Jesus into prison. Here is the video coverage.

Over 1,000 accepted Christ at Kanye's Sunday service in Louisiana several Sundays ago.

Could this be part of the revival movement the church has talked about, prayed about, and prophesied about? And I wonder if we are now just scratching the surface of the plans God decreed before the foundations of the earth.

God’s hand has always been sovereign over the celebrity realm. Since God is outside of time, in just a moment everything can change.

When God’s hand aligns with His “chronos” opportune time and His children come in agreement, the impossible becomes possible.

Our culture is witnessing God encounter influencers who never desired God at one point, now on the front lines leading others to Christ + transforming the culture.

Nothing is too hard for God.

We don’t get to choose who God uses to wreck the culture.

What I see God doing through Kanye West:

1. Revealing the religious spirit.

“Hands On”, a song on Kanye's new album, touches on the rawness and vulnerability Kanye experienced as God radically touched him. We see in this song that there is a continuous spiritual/physical battle with those in relation to him witnessing his transformation.

I pulled out part of the lyrics from “Hands On” to highlight the vulnerability and truth expressed in this song.

“Told the devil that I'm going on a strike I've been working for you my whole life Nothing worse than a hypocrite Change, he ain't really different He ain't even try to get permission Ask for advice and they dissed him Said I'm finna do a gospel album What have you been hearin' from the Christians? They'll be the first one to judge me Make it feel like nobody love me”

“Make you feel alone in the dark and you'll never see the light Man, you're never seein' home and you never see the domes I can feel it when I write, point of livin' in the right If they only see the wrongs, never listen to the songs Just to listen is a fight, but you booked me for the fight It's so hard to get along if they only see the slight From the love of religion.”

Throughout this song, “Hands On” Kanye continues to sing, “Somebody pray for me”

This is a heart cry from Kanye that there is a spiritual battle and he is asking for intercessors to cover him!

The enemy wants division in the church. Rather than coming under the religious spirit roaming around, let’s celebrate this transformation, intercede, and cry out to God to ready ourselves for what’s next.

My pastor- Steve Trujillo recently spoke on the topic of offense/things we can’t afford.

“You can no longer afford to be offended. Offense is a stumbling block. You might end up putting a judgment on what God is doing.” -Steve Trujillo (Check out the video podcast here)

Such a timely word for this season!

Offense will give the enemy a foothold. Let’s celebrate what God is doing through Kanye.

2. Transformation disrupts the culture + the fear of man bows at the feet of Jesus.

Kanye has been very vocal about his encounter with God. He may be receiving negative reactions about his new lifestyle (he created for his family, music team, + for himself.)

Transformation must start somewhere right?

Of course, it will be a shock and a surprise, but this is what repentance looks like.

You are either walking in sin or you are walking in freedom.

Kanye has been vocalizing that he is set free.

When the truth is revealed, eyes that are opened cannot unsee what has been brought into the light.

Kanye’s internal/external transformation that God is performing in his life disrupts the culture.

We have to be okay with knowing that the supernatural transformation of God disrupts atmosphere + lives.

3. The 7 mountains of influence can bring the kingdom of God into the culture.

Kanye's new album is excellent while staying true to his personality.

He may have lost the world, but he gained so much more.

Kingdom music should be excellent because we have ALL the keys to the kingdom.

Favor, grace + heaven follow wherever we go.

As kingdom influencers, let’s bring heaven down where our feet walk.

If I had 5 minutes to chat with to Kanye, I would tell him:

“What you bring to the table is violence to hell and violence to the devil himself. The devil isn't happy now because he lost a powerful influencer. You have given God your yes and now this is the start of witnessing the culture awaken from slumber. The world will soon know that Jesus is King.”

This is not a slow “awakening”, friends.

Jesus’ name is being proclaimed + praised throughout the world. Will you partner with this move of God?

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