Coffee Shops with Personalities in Portland, Oregon

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

After dipping my foot in the coffee culture of Portland, Oregon, I've never been able to fully enjoy Starbucks Coffee quite the same.

There are several factors in finding that ideal coffee shop:

the quality of the coffee.

the baristas/customers.

the atmosphere.

In Portland, it’s not too hard to find a coffee shop/roaster with high standards.

The top PDX coffee shops I selected have their own personality and quirks that I believe you will treasure and enjoy.

I've spent a lot of time and money at these local coffee shops:

  • Stumptown

  • Proud Mary’s

  • Heart Coffee Roasters

  • Good Coffee

  • Never Coffee

  • Prince Coffee

Stumptown- Downtown location

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is definitely a culture within itself.

Paving the way for the coffee culture and establishing a “bar” of expectation, Stumptown has been setting the standard since 1999.

I recently received my barista certification from Stumptown headquarters and had a personal connection with this now corporate company.

During one of my early morning shifts at the PDX Stumptown Airport location, I had a gut feeling that I needed to be on my A game for two specific customers.

Soon after I finished ringing up the two customers, I see my customers talking to my boss and I discover that they work in the retail over at the Stumptown Headquarters.

During my break, I introduced myself and they were extremely friendly and encouraged me in how I interacted with them.

I was offered to come by headquarters to receive a tour. (Thanks Hunter!) I will never forget that personal, heart felt, business connection. Bravo Stumptown!

Stumptown Portland Locations:


4525 SE Division Street


3356 SE Belmont Street

Ace Hotel Portland

1026 SW Stark Street


128 SW 3rd Avenue

PDX Airport

7000 NE Airport Way

Public tastings @ Headquarters

100 SE Salmon Street

Proud Mary's Cafe

Proud Mary’s Cafe

Calling all foodies! If you are looking for an upscale, boujee coffee shop/cafe to bring your date or community group to, head over to Proud Mary’s located in the Alberta district.

Proud Mary’s is anything but basic. These guys are from Australia so the coffee of course is beyond incredible, not to mention the brunch and pastries locally sourced.

The food presentation is basically art.

The line on Saturday’s is absolutely worth it and the baristas/waiters will go above and beyond to take care of you.

I find myself at Proud Mary’s specifically for the vibrant atmosphere and the highly priced coffee in their mugs that make you feel at home.

For my touristy friends, I always recommend Proud Mary’s because it encompasses Portland culture (the unique Portland, weird vibes) that everyone needs to try at least a couple times.

Proud Mary’s Location:

2012 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

Good Coffee

My first encounter at Good Coffee involved receiving compliments from friendly and genuine baristas. If you receive compliments on your clothing from a Portland barista, you know you're doing something right.

Good coffee has a nice little ambiance going on. My personal favorite location is the Division shop.

You will find that this location is a hotspot for freelancers. So if you're in that kind of business, it’s a great place to meet fellow entrepreneurs/freelancers.

Head over to the Woodlark Hotel location downtown if you are wanting the classy atmosphere scene.

I've personally only been to the Woodlark and the Division location.

Their matcha latte’s are gold and the Tanglewood Ginger Spiced Chai tea hits the sweet/spicy craving every time.

Good Coffee locations:


1150 SE 12th St


4747 SE Division St


2175 NW Raleigh St


813 SW Alder St

Heart Coffee Roasters downtown location

Heart Coffee Roaster

You might just find yourself sitting next to an influential writer or speaker in this Scandinavian, minimalist space.

It’s downtown shop is located in the heart of Portland. First thing to know, they have a house made walnut- almond milk and the coffee is on the lighter, fruity side of taste.

When I feel like it, I just order the milk without the coffee because it is just THAT DANG DELICIOUS! I’ve also just ordered a side of their fancy hard boiled egg mixed with lovely spices.

Customers keep coming back to Heart even though there is no WiFi on the weekends. (That shows the type of intentional atmosphere being created.) You see, Heart is the place to come to people watch or sit and drink coffee with friends rather than connect to WiFi.

I’ve had a lot of heart- to heart connections and memories here (shout out to my friends who met me at Heart!). Oh yeah, one other thing- do yourself a favor and don’t ask for iced-coffee (The owner doesn’t believe in iced-coffee), order the drip coffee!

Heart Coffee locations:

East Side

2111 E Burnside St, Portland OR


1123 SW Washington St, Portland OR


5181 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland OR

Never Coffee- Downtown location

Never Coffee

If my personality was a coffee shop, without a doubt, it would be Never Coffee.

Ever combined hops/lattes?

Well these guys prepare a super rad combination of latte drinks, such as rose water/cardamon, fennel/black licorice, hops/sea salt, matcha/cherries, and more rare flavors.

The specialty drinks, art decor, environment, and the house roasted beans create a colorful, mysterious, clean, and quirky atmosphere.

This shop’s personality screams loud with color but chill at the same time. Makes sense?

Don’t forget to bring $6 for that specialty latte because you are in for a treat, my friend.

Also, bring an iphone so you can get that Instagram worthy coffee shop picture that all the coffee lovers dream of.

Never Coffee locations:


537 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97205


4243 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215

Prince Coffee

Katie Prinsen, the owner of Prince has brought some of her Dutch heritage to Portland by adding the savory stroopwafels to the menu.

Prince holds a very clean, minimalist atmosphere with a deep blue color scheme and of course a stroopwafel light wall that brings all the cozy vibes.

Don’t forget about the narwhals you will find on the coffee merch.

I personally fell in love with Prince after I attended a private gathering at the Beaumont location. I went straight to the stroopwafels and dipped it in my coffee.

Prince serves Proud Mary Coffee, Heart Roasters, and Roseline Coffee.



2181 NW Nicolai Street


4523 NE Fremont Street

I hope you get a chance to stop by all of these outstanding local coffee shops in Portland, Oregon to discover excellent coffee and good vibes! You can follow each of these coffee shop Instagram's below.


Proud Mary 's

Good Coffee




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