Local Portland Churches Unite with Sean Feucht-Bringing Peace in the Midst of Turmoil

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Portland, Oregon has been in the headlines for months with news stories of rioting, burning, and looting, grabbing the attention of Americans waiting to see what will happen next to the city of Portland.  

In the midst of 73 days of unrest in Portland, Sean Feucht and local churches strategically partnered together. Saturday, August 8th, five events happened on MLK Day. In the morning, starting at 6:00am, prayer groups gathered in the city of downtown Portland. At 10:00am, approximately 100 attended evangelism training at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, led by Scott McNamara- founder of Jesus at the Door.   

Simultaneously, another evangelism training group gathered in Vancouver, Washington and was led by Chris Overstreet, founder of Compassion to Action.  By noon, both outreach groups flooded the public streets of downtown Portland sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. By late afternoon, many who the outreach groups encountered were baptized in the river of the Tom McCall Waterfront Park.  

At 4:30pm, there was a national Holy activism event- Pray on MLK at Peninsula Park in North Portland led by the organization Civil Righteousness with the intentions of bridging the gap in forgiveness and creating a foundation for racial reconciliation.  

Starting at 6:00pm at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Sean Feucht and a local Vancouver, Washington worship team from Bethesda created a space to gather people outside the four walls of the church.  

Sean Feucht, from Redding, California is a father, missionary, worship leader, founder of Burn 24/7, Hold the Line, and former congressional candidate. In the past 15 years, Sean has traveled all throughout the world and the Middle East entering warzones, leading worship, and spreading the gospel.

Sean has recently spearheaded outdoor worship gatherings throughout America ever since the California governor banned singing and worship in the state of California. Sean has recently been on Fox and Friends twice sharing his heart behind this worship movement - Hold the Line.  

The large worship gathering in Portland surprised viewers as it changed the narrative from a city of riots to a city now known for a hotspot of revival. Out of all the cities Sean traveled to, Portland was the largest gathering. Approximately 4,000-7,000 people showed up to worship Jesus as many had not been able to meet inside a church the past couple of months because of the COVID-19 restrictions from Governor Kate Brown. Many traveled out of town from southern Oregon, California, and Washington. Just a few hours later after the worship event, riots and a fire broke out inside the SE Portland Police Precinct. 

One of Sean’s songs from the album Wild Till the Whole World Looks like Heaven rings true to the worship movement sweeping across America.  The lyrics read: “We won’t stop singing till the whole world looks like heaven.” A church ban will not silence Christians and their worship, even during a pandemic.  

This event was not a typical Christian event, but rather was for the city of Portland to witness breakthrough as it ignited hope to rise above the fear and chaos. 

Dr. Charles Karuku, one of the pastors who spoke at the George Floyd memorial was a guest speaker. Local Portland African American worship leaders from Maranatha Church led worship for a portion of the evening with Sean. Church leaders from the Cascadia region united as one body of believers at the worship event.

While many members of various political groups and activists came out of curiosity, many left with questions answered, conversing with outreach ministers, one a Proud Boy activist, another young man shared his commitment to BLM movement and LGBTQ causes, received answers to his questions, and later baptized at the waterfront.

This is not the first time Portland has been a hotspot for revival. In the early 1900s, a revival movement that came out of the Welsh Revival shut down businesses and bars from noon to 1pm so people could attend Bible studies and pray. Many spontaneous worships happened outside, and it was said that up to 13,000 people showed up to sing in the South Park blocks. 

The deep wells from the revival in the early 1900s are rising and cannot be contained any longer. The sound of heaven will not be silenced as revival is being released throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Cover Photo: Bethesda Media Team

Photo Credits by: Zach Lenzniewicz (3 photos)

Scott McNamara, Dana Fitzgerald, Joshua Shaw

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