Pacific Northwest Clothing Line with Influence & Authority

Victoria Alexandra, the founder of Called to Inspire, celebrates kingdom leaders influencing the culture. Victoria communicates these cultural themes through her blog articles and clothing designs. The Called to Inspire Brand embraces the idea of inviting heaven into the culture, subtly reaching every area of influence.

Victoria started Called to Inspire as a blog in 2016, writing on topics such as influence, politics, culture, authority, and the seven mountains of influence. Victoria recently launched the Called to Inspire Online Store in the summer of 2020.

The most common compliment Victoria received was the idea that Victoria carried uniqueness in her personality and how she distinctively led others into victory. With that compliment, Victoria asked herself, “How can I inspire others to walk in boldness, authority, and be confident in their own uniqueness?”

Designing an online store with my personal blog has given me a creative platform to voice and illustrate what it looks like to confidently wear your personality and influence the culture with authority. I want people to buy my products and wear their uniqueness with confidence.” - Victoria Alexandra

The four designs in the Called to Inspire Shop include: Portland Vibes, Influence, Subtle Culture, and PNW Revival Fire. The Called to Inspire Store designs include minimalist styles with a touch of color.

Portland Vibes

The Portland Vibes design represents where Victoria currently resides- right outside of Portland, Oregon. The Portland culture holds a special place in Victoria’s heart with the creative entrepreneurs, foodies, boujee coffee, no sales tax, and all the weird vibes. Victoria created the Portland Vibes design to celebrate the Portland entrepreneurs and inspire them to keep creating and to encounter their Creator.


The Influence design is one of the most popular pieces in the shop. Victoria created this design emphasizing that rainbows are an image of promise and fulfillment. You will also find in subtle letters on the rainbow design, “He has called you by name.”

Subtle Culture

The Subtle Culture design was the first piece in the shop. Victoria found inspiration by abstract art as she incorporated 7 faces in the design to highlight the 7 mountains of influence: media, arts & entertainment, education, government, family, religion, and business. The 7 mountains of influence encompass the importance of intentionally flooding culture with heavenly insight, strategy, knowledge, and authority.

In February 2020, Victoria organized a creative, collaborative photo shoot featuring powerful women advancing the kingdom of God. Each woman represented a mountain of influence with a strategic color that aligned with their calling and profession.

The PNW Revival Fire

In September 2020, the Pacific Northwest region witnessed unprecedented accounts of fires, with more than one million acres burned. These areas of Washington, Oregon, and parts of California sought for hope and refuge as they waited for the rain to drench the burning cities.

Originally 5% of the proceeds from this design went directly to wildfire relief in Milwaukee, Oregon.

Victoria created the PNW Revival Fire design to invite heaven to earth in the Pacific Northwest and to highlight the region that has been contested and sown into for many generations as the deep revival roots and wells in the land are arising.

Victoria believes that the Pacific Northwest region will be filled with a heavenly sound and become a place where creatives seek their creator. Revival fire is here.

Originally, Victoria made these four designs to inspire and empower women. Not too long after launching her online store, Victoria received multiple encouraging words to expand her clothing line to include men’s clothing sizes and to minister to both men and women through the Called to Inspire platform.

Soon after receiving this advice, Victoria organized another creative photo shoot in November 2020 as she released her Unisex clothing line featuring the “PNW Revival Fire” Design.

Shop the Called to Inspire featured designs below:

Designs illustrated by: Abbey Chaplain Studio

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