Part 1- Media Mountain

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

The mountain of media is represented with the color red- communicating through love.

God’s original intent for the mountain of media: Communicating and proclaiming the truth.

Media in the world is often delivered from a stronghold of fear, division, anger, and through the lens of a false identity of justice.

The enemy’s assignment against the mountain of media:

To twist the truth and distort the character of God, by bringing confusion and chaos through the platform of media.

Christians are called to be truth releasers and messengers bringing the good news to the world. As we commune and partner with the Holy Spirit, we will naturally produce the fruit of the Spirit in every area of life, especially in the way we communicate.

We are also called to stand in the gap, intercede, and usher in the presence of God with the way we communicate through media. Communicating the truth well will give those who have not heard of God an opportunity to experience and hear directly from Him. That is discipleship!

Personal story from Julia Green:

"I represent the media, education, economy, and arts & entertainment mountains. I currently teach online communication full time for Oregon State University. Along with teaching, I’ve been a creative for most of my life and I’ve owned a wedding photography business for the last 10 years. Most of my clients come from media, so I’ve become pretty well-versed in the digital world.

Instagram has become an incredible space to not only advertise for my business, but to connect with others on a personal level and share about what God is teaching me everyday.

Instagram is not a place for everyone to invest their time or energy. However, in that, I use Instagram for business and find it enjoyable and encouraging to be active online.

The creative media platforms have the potential to be very dark, which is why it is important for Christians to be present as they bring the light of Jesus creatively and digitally. I’m excited to see how God uses men and women to be his vessels through media in the upcoming years!"

- Julia Green

Personal story from Victoria Alexandra:

“My major in college was communications and journalism. I always had the idea in my mind that I would be in full-time ministry. Turns out, ministry and media have worked hand in hand. Representing the mountain of media, I’ve been a writer/blogger since 2016 and my full-time job is in social media marketing.

Before getting to the place and season of where I am now, I grew up timid, anxious, and fearful of communicating. I believed the lie that my voice was not important.

I fell under fear of man and dealt with a deaf and mute spirit. Before I began a project involved with people, I was worried about miscommunicating.

In the process of my voice feeling paralyzed, God used my greatest fears to teach me how to cast out fear.The very thing I thought I was a failure in ended up being my calling in disguise!

I now know my identity as a daughter of God and the weight of my calling. I am a bold evangelist who is not afraid to speak the truth of the gospel and tell my story through a redemptive lens.

I write about the culture through my blogs and share on topics that the Holy Spirit leads me to write about. I pray over posts I write, believing that someone will encounter God in a fresh way.

The purpose of my writing is to bring the culture back into alignment with God’s word and to proclaim that God is good.

I intentionally communicate through my writing that each individual has a unique calling and destiny. I want to communicate to the cities and nations to tap into their God given callings because the kingdom of God is advancing.”

- Victoria Alexandra

Wondering if you are called to the mountain of media?

Several examples of what media could potentially look like in the everyday:

Involved in television, reporting, blogging, public relations, radio, news or a magazine writer, youtuber, interpreter, sound engineer, travel editor, graphic designer, event planner, administrator, advertiser, publisher, content writer, PR specialist, digital producer, web developer, photographer, film editor, technical writer, social media marketer, and journalist.

Part 2 released next: the Mountain of Religion.

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