Partnering with God on the Business Mountain.

I’m continuing my blog series on the 7 mountains of influence. I interviewed several friends on this week's blog- a pastor, and two entrepreneurs.

This headline has appeared all over the news recently:

“Economic shutdown worse than the virus.”

A month before the pandemic hit in early March and the shut down of the economy, I organized a 7 mountains of influence photo shoot in February.

Business and economy happen to be one of the 7 mountains of influence.

Anybody else hear the phrase “living in unprecedented times” more often than you would like? I looked up the phrase “unprecedented, “which means “never done or known before.”

Our human minds are still right in the middle of processing this sensitive topic on the “invisible enemy” that surprised, intimidated, and affected every mountain of influence- the family, education, government, arts & entertainment, religion, media, and the business mountain.

Steve Trujillo, the pastor at Father’s House City Ministries located in downtown Portland, believes in the Isaiah 60 mandate over the city of Portland. "Portland as it is in heaven".

Steve continues to witness city transformation as he finds divine favor in relationships with those involved in the Portland city government and businesses.

Pastor Steve shared his insight on the business mountain and the call for Christians to fast and pray for heavenly solutions and downloads in the business realm during this time in subjects like real estate, loaning money, and raising up entrepreneurs.

“The business mountain is the “anchor” mountain. The other mountains can’t function without a business model. The business mountain gives all the other mountains its funds. Taking out the business mountain within the kingdom of God, you take out the ability for the church to fund the mission, take care of the poor, etc. Without the business mountain, all other mountains are going to suffer...” – Steve Trujillo

Even though COVID-19 has negatively affected the whole world, the family, education system, entertainment industry, media, government, and the economy, it is really comforting to know that God is omniscient.

If God is sovereign that means He is never surprised or caught off guard by circumstances. What was unprecedented to us, was known to God. God is outside of time who sees and knows more than what we see in the physical.

However, God is not insensitive to our pain, circumstances, and our feelings towards what the world is experiencing right now.

“There is no economic crisis on earth that God has not already placed the solution for in His sons and daughters who are willing to co-labor with Him.” – Johnny Enlow

The original purpose of the economy/business mountain:

1. God is known as the provider on the mountain of economy.

2. God is involved in our economy, both personally and on a global scale.

3. God’s love is shown through his abundance of resources in the economy.

4. Our world economy was originally designed to reflect the heart of God as the provider.

5. God takes delight in providing for His children.

One of God’s primary names is Jehovah- Jireh- “the God who is provision itself.”

The demonic assignment against the mountain of economy:

1. To pervert the truth of who God is.

2. To convince people that money is the only main source of provision.

3. To create an idol of greed - love of money.

4. To remove God as a reliable provider.

5. To use greed and money to compete for the throne of God.

Extreme sides in this mountain:

There are often two extremes the enemy uses to speak lies over people in the mountain of business- to either hold on to money too tightly through greed or live in a poverty mindset which manifests in a poverty lifestyle. The enemy wants us to be worried and enslaved to this subject of the economy.

The business mountain itself is not the enemy. It is Satan who is the real enemy. When we live this way of falling into greed, that gives the devil a foothold in partnering with Satan and the demonic realm.

When we discover that all the money and provision was originally founded by God himself, we will discover that all the riches in heaven are ours to receive and freely give.

“It is time for the spirit of greed to be replaced by the redemptive quality of bringing freedom. Wealth is supposed to create freedom. That is its real purpose. It is not freedom for myself, it is freedom for our nation so they are not bound to a slavery system of toil.

We need an “uber” type of idea for real estate. There has been lots of prophetic words about the “wealth transfer”- It is Christians getting the downloads they weren’t getting before and having them rise to the top of the mountain...” – Steve Trujillo.

Partner with God as the “provider” on the mountain of economy.

1.Invite God into your financial decisions.

2.Worship by giving him your tithe.

3. Fast and pray for solutions to advance the kingdom of God and transform the business mountain.

Highlighting two entrepreneurs in the mountain of business:

Katherine Budny is a business owner of Katherine Budny Photography since 2010 and Leaf + Stem since 2018 . Katherine is based out of New York with a small team of five, and travels all over the globe for her clients and specializes in unique flower bouquets and whimsical floral designs.

Tori Henares is a life coach and the founder of “The Unhindered Life" located in Vancouver, Washington. Tori has a passion for helping those inside and outside the church to equip people to be their truest self and embrace the call of God on their life.

I hope this blog comforts you knowing that God cares about the little details from your personal finances to the entire world's economic shut down. He's got the whole world in His hands! God wants to give you heavenly insight to transform the culture and advance His kingdom through you. All of heaven's resources are yours. Will you partner with Him?

Feel free to comment below on Facebook/ Instagram and share how you are partnering with God in the business mountain during this time and how God has shown his provision in your life.

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This blog is inspired by:

Steve Trujillo.

Johnny Enlow.

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