The Church is empty, Revival is here, & Jesus is alive!

Hello, friends! (This is a long post but it is worth the read!) Earlier, I was on Facebook live and had trouble trying to add my friend live to the interview to do a two way live video. Thank you all who were so kind in being patient with us. After trying several times on Facebook, I ended up deciding to have a private zoom call with Ashley Turner and Gevina Salaiz who are essential workers. We talked about the same things we were going to discuss live.

Even though the zoom call was never recorded, the Holy Spirit was thick and speaking powerfully in the air waves in our zoom call! In the end, only the Holy Spirit and us three gals know what truly went down during the 45 minute zoom call. But I strongly felt led to share in writing what I could remember. No technology problem can keep us from proclaiming the truth! Be blessed!

The veil of distractions have been torn.

The whole entire world is searching for supernatural peace and truth right now. Not just our state or the nation, but the entire world! I had this revelation the other day that the whole world is thinking about one thing: the virus.

We have lots of time on our hands in quarantine to think rather than fill our minds with distractions. The education system, businesses, the entertainment industry, sports.. etc are no longer available. The veil of distractions has been torn. COVID- 19 has forced us to let go of all of these “idols.” It kind of feels like being stripped.

The things we have relied on to distract us from intimacy with God are no longer something we can rely on or put our hope in.

I wonder what would happen if all of our eyes, our attention looked up towards heaven right now? The “gods/idols” that once captured our attention are dead but Easter is tomorrow and Jesus is alive. I also keep seeing this all over the internet: “The church might be empty but the tomb is as well.”

Working on the front lines as essential workers:

Gevina and Ashley are essential workers on the front lines.

Gevina works at Providence Portland Medical Center. There are moments where she gets to personally interact with the patients. She prays over them and shares Jesus with them. Gevina walks in confidence knowing and seeing that what she does changes their lives because God is with her. The patients she interacts with often say, “No one has asked me if I needed prayer.” Before Gevina walks into work she knows that the virus will not touch her.

Ashley works at a psychiatric hospital where the spirit of anxiety, fear, and insanity have spiked more than ever. These patients have a different kind of need than those at a hospital, they need a supernatural touch psychologically. There is a spiritual battle she walks into everyday, but Ashley isn’t afraid of the darkness and the confusion going on around her. Ashley boldly walks into her workplace confidently knowing that whatever atmosphere she walks in, will surrender to the power of Jesus. She also knows that the atmosphere in the air will not come home with her but that she is covered by the blood of Jesus.

We went in depth reading Psalm 91.

This has been a verse that many people are speaking out and declaring. Verses that was highlighted:

Verses 5-7

“You will not fear the terror of night,

nor the arrow that flies by day,nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,

nor the plague that destroys at midday.

A thousand may fall at your side,

ten thousand at your right hand,

but it will not come near you.”

Gevina, Ashley and I both agree that this virus is not from God but that this has allowed us to be POSITIONED for revival to break loose just like the virus has!!

Genesis 50:20- “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

What the enemy meant for harm, he is going to regret what he released upon the world. We used to sing and worship about revival in church. Now we are living it. The church is empty but revival is here and Jesus is alive!


We talked about how evangelism is known to be a “scary thing.” It doesn’t have to be when the Holy Spirit is the best evangelist.

During the past month, I have noticed that strangers have been more open to receiving Christ and receiving prayer because we need that supernatural peace and truth now more than ever.

It’s been strange for me not being able to sit down in coffee shops. Yet, I have still found a way to bless business owners who are still open for carry out.

I noticed that the owners are the ones working the shifts during this time. I take that as an opportunity to directly ask the owner if I can pray over the business and pray for protection and a covering over it. Each time I have done this, the owner gratefully received the prayer! I noticed that its hard for people to say no to blessing!

We shared some tips how to evangelize in a time like this:

  1. Be yourself.

  2. Use your personality and how you were made. And use that to invite the Holy Spirit to walk with you.

  3. When you walk up to that person, do you feel any pain, heat on your hands, anxiety, fear, body aches? If so that could possible mean that the person is experiencing pain and needs healing. Be in tune to your body and the Holy Spirit.

  4. The pressure is off.

  5. People usually aren’t going to say no to blessing.

  6. Show up and obey and the presence/power of God will do the rest

At the end of our zoom call, we prayed and interceded for healing to breakout over the world, hearts to awaken, and for Christians to rise above the surrounding spirit of fear and death!

Thank you Ashley Turner & Gevina Salaiz for sharing your heart on how God is moving in the work place and around the world!

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